Kingdom Builders is Born

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Hello World

Welcome to the future of the Kingdom of God!

Okay, that was a pretty bold statement. Let’s start again.

Welcome to Kingdom Builders; we dream of building the Kingdom of God using every tool, skill, and opportunity available to us. We saw the movement toward modern technology in every industry and every kind of business, and asked ourselves, “Why aren’t more churches doing this? Why aren’t more missionaries doing this?”

After some research, we struggled to find a large, vibrant community for connecting technology experts, mission minded people, and other creatives. We found pockets and small groups, and we decided it was time to get them all together.

Why Slack?

We chose Slack as a platform because it’s gaining a lot of traction in the tech and business world, and it enables a great blend of collaborative real-time discussion, asynchronous communication for people at distance, and extensibility through integration. It’s easy for people who already use Slack at work to connect and stay connected, because Slack apps allow being connected to multiple teams at once.

Let’s Get Started

This is an experiment, but it’s an exciting one. Imagine a large, active community of faithful creators, talking and working together to invent and promote new solutions to real world problems, all in the name of our Creator.

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