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The following is a guest post by Becky Newhook from We Edit Sermons (learn more about her at the end!)


Picture yourself 100 years ago as a pastor. You live in a small town with a small church with less than 100 patrons. Each week you prepare, pray and wait on God to show you his word to be shared to the people that will come with open hearts on Sunday. There is no other church in town, there are no plans to move away from the family farm and most of the town shuts down so most patrons will attend and hear the word of the Lord.

If you were a revivalist you had the opportunity to travel with the word of God that was given to you and reach hundreds of people each month. Setting up tents, meeting new people and extending your reach in a way the young teen who dreamed of being a pastor never thought possible.

Fast forward 100 years and we find a VERY different situation for our pastors. There are hundreds of church choices for each city, conferences EVERY weekend near or far and MANY distractions to keep the people away from the pews. This obviously is a different world and if we do not adapt we will be left behind and eventually forgotten.

How do we keep with the times but maintain our values?

How do we continue to honor and respect the word of God but join the world of online production?


There is a way to join the online world in a way that will promote and encourage ways that bring light and life. You may have a small church but it is not a small world. The internet opened up the world years ago and it continues to reach farther than we ever imagined.

We as Christians can use this online world as a platform to express and further the message of the gospel and the love of Christ. No need to leave your town or set up tents any longer - just have the ability to preach the word that God has given you.

When it comes to using the online world there are a few tips we want to share to ensure that your message is heard and continues to be hear.

  1. Produce Quality: there are MANY online books, speakers and celebrities that are sharing their opinions and ways. They produce them with expert teams and sound professionals. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on producing quality but there are simple ways to ensure that what you produce sounds professional by using a digital recorder and editing out dead space and removing background noises.

  2. Produce Consistently: many churches get excited to upload an online sermon and do it for the first month or two but then they disappear. To ensure you maintain your listeners and continue to engage your current church or ministry members there should be consistent content shared. Each Sunday is opportunity to have content recorded and ready to upload and available. Once you start being online don’t disappear - people are watching and counting on it!

  3. Produce Authentically: the most important thing that is missing online is authentic people. With us being followers of God, we should be the most real, blessed and grace and love filled people out there. Don’t put on a show - be yourself, make the jokes and feel the tears. These are what make your online sermon you and it is what will bring people back over and over again.

Do not long for the “old days” because even though life was simpler it would have taken thousands and thousands of years to spread God’s love and truth to the world. Now we can spread it and share it in moments to thousands even millions at a time. Take the tips, get online and trust God to minister to those who need it, who will receive it and will take it and spread it. The internet is a tool - and we as the church must take it by storm with excellence and truth.

Becky Newhook (We Edit Sermons) - Becky and her husband have been launching, buying and building companies for the last 10 years. Beside their love of business is their passion to see people know God personally, reach their potential in Christ and to hear of all the goodness that awaits for them in HIM. We Edit Sermons is a unique and perfect way for this vision to become a reality on a larger scale.

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