Communities of Note

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Kingdom Builders exists to foster community among Christian technologists and anyone who believes in technology’s importance for ministry and missions.

We are, of course, not the only community for people with these goals, and I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few others!

Radix -

Radix was started by Ryan Meyer. It’s a forum built on Discourse, which is an excellent tool for deeper, threaded discussions. I love the presence of a place for more long-form communication with topic threads. One thing Slack doesn’t do well is allow separate conversations to remain isolated from one another, and it’s not always conducive to long answers.

Radix solves that problem nicely!

At present, Radix is very much focused on Christian Software engineers. My favorite feature is the Devotions, some of which are actually code samples that are used to express a theological meditation. Very cool!

Indigitous -

Indigitous (a blending of Indigenous and Digital) founded by Cru to accomplish a similar goal, but an area where it differs from Radix is its emphasis on all digital ministry and not just engineering. This is a great space for technologists as well, but it’s also a collaboration point between techs, artists, business leaders, and people with ideas who want to use digital media to share those ideas.

Christians in Tech -

Much like Kingdom Builders, Christians in Tech was started to take advantage of Slack’s excellent features and bring Christian techs together to discuss their work, their faith, and everything in between. It’s a lively community, full of passionate believers and consummate nerds.

Currently, CiT adds people by invite only, but I wanted to highlight it anyway to celebrate the fact that these communities are forming and growing, and the movement of Christian techs to make their work for the Kingdom continues!